Seriously ALL Kickstarter project creators NEED to watch this video!

Understand the dynamics involved in starting a movement in 3 minutes.
The video is 6 minutes long but you get it after 3, either way a great use of your time.

One of the first things to realise when creating a Kickstarter project is you are not only looking to get your project funded. More importantly you are putting your idea out there and looking for your first followers. It is with followers that you are no longer alone and your movement can begin.

Watch this brilliant TED talk – and apply it to the way you treat your first Kickstarter backers.


This Kickstarter project achieved over $55k in funding – when you find out what it is you will smile.

On the 3rd of July 2014 Zack Brown launched his project on Kickstarter. Like a lot of project creators he has carefully chosen his funding goal to provide everything he needed to start his new venture.
In Zack’s case is was just $10 and with this he was to make a Potato Salad, yes you read correctly.

Zack Brown raises $55k on Kickstarter to make Potato Salad

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Zack’s project litterally took off and captured the imagination of the internet, the media and the Kickstarter community.

Kickstarter themselfs wrote a great blog post about the project here –

This project really made me smile – well done Zack. To see the original project page click here

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